‘I Spy’ by Rudy
I have this single, I thought it was my secret and no one else knew until I found it on YouTube.

‘Maybe the People Would Be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale’ by Arthur Lee & Love
"… and if you think it is obsolete, then you, go back across the „, street „, yeah „, street !"

‘Pat’s Song’ by Country Joe and the Fish
Ignore the graphic - shut your eyes and let the music take you in its charming way…

‘Girls Talk’ by Dave Edmunds
"Can’t you talk any louder?"

‘Soul Kitchen’ by The Doors
"The clocks says its time to close now…" - There, I have shared. Now, will the baseline leave my head alone?

‘Mankind’ by Misty in Roots
"…you are like a cabbage in society…" - And the singer says twice something that sounds like "Roots dan shoe-la" which I think roughly translates to ‘(Jamaican) History that dances’ - agree?

‘Hang on to Your Ego’ by The Beach Boys
"I know so many people…" - alternate song from Pet Sounds

‘Daydream’ by Wallace Collection
… for a couple of hours …