‘Soul Kitchen’ by The Doors
"The clocks says its time to close now…" - There, I have shared. Now, will the baseline leave my head alone?

‘Mankind’ by Misty in Roots
"…you are like a cabbage in society…" - And the singer says twice something that sounds like "Roots dan shoe-la" which I think roughly translates to ‘(Jamaican) History that dances’ - agree?

‘Hang on to Your Ego’ by The Beach Boys
"I know so many people…" - alternate song from Pet Sounds

‘Daydream’ by Wallace Collection
… for a couple of hours …

‘(I’d Go The) Whole Wide World’ by Wreckless Eric
This gave me the chills down my back, just now, when I re-discovered it.

‘In A Broken Dream’ by Rod Stewart
"Right now is where you are…"

‘At The Third Stroke’ by Picadilly Line
"I remember rainy days and running through the pavement’s haze…"