‘Mankind’ by Misty in Roots
"…you are like a cabbage in society…" - And the singer says twice something that sounds like "Roots dan shoe-la" which I think roughly translates to ‘(Jamaican) History that dances’ - agree?

‘Hang on to Your Ego’ by The Beach Boys
"I know so many people…" - alternate song from Pet Sounds

‘Daydream’ by Wallace Collection
… for a couple of hours …

‘(I’d Go The) Whole Wide World’ by Wreckless Eric
This gave me the chills down my back, just now, when I re-discovered it.

‘In A Broken Dream’ by Rod Stewart
"Right now is where you are…"

‘At The Third Stroke’ by Picadilly Line
"I remember rainy days and running through the pavement’s haze…"

‘Mr. Soul (Live) (Album Version)’ by Neil Young
More gits going through hits - but this is Neil Young so that’s OK. Actually I wanted to play the original which like a fool I still like, but that wasn’t allowed - its worth a look on YouTube.