‘(I’d Go The) Whole Wide World’ by Wreckless Eric
This gave me the chills down my back, just now, when I re-discovered it.

‘In A Broken Dream’ by Rod Stewart
"Right now is where you are…"

‘At The Third Stroke’ by Picadilly Line
"I remember rainy days and running through the pavement’s haze…"

‘Mr. Soul (Live) (Album Version)’ by Neil Young
More gits going through hits - but this is Neil Young so that’s OK. Actually I wanted to play the original which like a fool I still like, but that wasn’t allowed - its worth a look on YouTube.

‘Sunlight’ by The Youngbloods
"That’s the way she feels about you…"

‘Stranger in the Room’ by Michael Chapman
"Let what shall be done be done…" with Mick Ronson on electric guitar.

‘Like A Rolling Stone’ by Jimi Hendrix
I have liked this for a long time. I have it on bootleg and I didn’t know it was recorded at Monterey. He was so relaxed “…no buttons to push…”. Jimi makes Dylan’s song personal - it’s you out there on your own.

‘Imagination’ by The Quotations
Another set of guys reviving their 60’s hit. This time they don’t quite make it - but boy does the lead guy try.

‘Chantilly Lace’ by The Big Bopper
I have always liked this and Iggy Pop played it on his 6Music show.